Family Take Home

A Family Game Changer

Modern families have more distractions than ever these days that are keeping them from family time. Games are a valuable tool in the “parenting tool box” to teach lessons, bring people together, and just add some fun into your lives! Though it is so much easier to watch a movie, family game nights bring many advantages for the development of your children and health of your family that movies simply can’t deliver.

  1. It brings the family together. There are many games that kids, teens, and adults of all ages can enjoy together. When teens are in those awkward years when it’s hard to have a conversation with them, games can really break the ice. When there are rules, defined roles, objectives, and camaraderie on a team it really makes interactions much less stressful. Teens can also find themselves in the role of teaching younger children skills and encouraging them,…

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About the Author

Michael and Alicia Hernon

Michael and Alicia Hernon live in Steubenville, OH with their 10 children. Mike is the Vice President of Advancement for Franciscan University and the host of EWTN’s show “Franciscan University Presents”. Before working for Franciscan, Mike worked in the world of politics for 10 years on the local, state, and national level. In addition to being a mom, Alicia has taught music for the past 20 years to young children and currently she leads the board of Mary Seat of Wisdom Classical Community, which offers support and resources for homeschooling families. Their children range in age from 21 to 4 years old and are in a variety of educational settings. The core of their philosophy of parenting is that this is a road to holiness for parents- its not about having perfect kids! Parenting is a great adventure and the hardest job you will ever love.