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I Solemnly Resolve, To Change How I Look At My New Years Resolutions

Have you ever played 9 Dots? Making a New Year’s resolution is like playing 9 Dots. It looks easy enough, and it sounds easy enough, but then we find it hard to complete. Here is what nine dots looks...

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Embrace Forgiveness

My wife is 100% German. And sometimes when I do something stupid that hurts her feelings, by accident or on purpose, she sometimes says (with a very thick German accent – try it!), “I vill make you pay for...

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The Destroyer of Relationships

In his book, Making Love Last Forever, the late Gary Smalley explains that the number one destroyer of relationships is unresolved anger. And while Ephesians (4:31f) urges us to get rid of all bitterness, passion, anger, harsh words, and...

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Fighting Fair

Take 15 seconds and think about that last fight/argument/heated conversation you had with your spouse. Now take another few seconds, and make yourself a list (at least in your head) of five things you could have done to make...

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You Cannot NOT Communicate

Couple’s communication is about 7% words, about 38% tone of voice, and about 55% non-verbal, and happens at a blinding speed. In essence, you cannot NOT communicate. If you are together, it happens. And if a couple cannot communicate...

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