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He Had Been Bullied for Nine Years

My oldest son, Robert, has given me the gift of two beautiful granddaughters. He loves to create, like me but has a gift for painting that I do not have. He works in sales in the Houston area and...

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Underwear and Other Petty Things

It was well into about our 5th year of marriage when I started to really tire of picking up Mike’s underwear. Everyday. Why couldn’t he just bend down and pick it up? He was a grown man and my...

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“I Think I Will Thank My Parents Tonight For That Rule”

I taught Confirmation for over a decade. One of my favorite classes was the class to teach the 4th commandment, honor your father and mother. I loved it because I would ask the teens their parents worst and best...

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The Pain of Rejection

Rejection is part of life. Everyday life. I keep thinking about my years as a volleyball player, rejecting someone was a great thing. As I grew into my shoes as a parent all of a sudden this doesn’t feel...

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Look Around the Mirror

My family is definitely not perfect, and I had rebellious teens – although I really don’t think there is a perfect family, just those who hide the chaos better than others. My two oldest sons are 18 months apart...

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