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Charli D’Amelio: The “Reigning Queen of TikTok”

Welcome to 2020 where stars are born on the internet. Their fandom isn’t contrived, it isn’t fought for (at first), it (sometimes) isn’t really even justified. From YouTube to Instagram to TikTok, there is a literal world of opportunity...

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How To Guide Your Teen Through A Social Media Cleanse

I may be a millennial — entering this world when floppy disks and VHS were still all the rage —   but the learning curve on social media addiction has come to its peak in my adulthood. Yes, as...

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Dystopian Societies, LGBTQ Characters, and Race Divides: Popular Trends in Today’s YA Fiction

When I was 16, you couldn’t keep me out of the library. I know … typical teen experience, right? Haha. I was a TOTAL NERD. Happily, I still find myself loving the long walk up and down every aisle...

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The #NeverAgain Movement and Why it Still Deserves our Attention

Every generation in America has championed its own charismatic leader of change. For my grandparents, it was Martin Luther King, Jr. — larger than life, pleading for equality, and poetically campaigning for unity. For my parents, it was the...

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All Saints for All Souls

It was a cold October night when my grandfather passed away. I remember that night like a surreal dream. We had expected it; he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease when I was in high school, and as he grew...

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