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Alleviating Emotional Pain

Would you notice if your son or daughter was suffering from depression? Depression is a difficult condition to recognize in a lot of people. Often, those suffering from depression will isolate themselves or withdraw from people. It takes time...

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Look Around the Mirror

My family is definitely not perfect, and I had rebellious teens – although I really don’t think there is a perfect family, just those who hide the chaos better than others. My two oldest sons are 18 months apart...

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How To Land A Helicopter

Allow me to start off by saying that there is no magic pill to parenting and that no teenager is the same. As parents of seven children, which include a 13, 15, 18, and 19 year old, we have...

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Relationships are a key element in all of our lives, and the world of a teenager is heavily dependent upon them. Who teaches them to navigate the world of relationships? Leave teens to learn about #RelationshipGoals from their friends...

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I Really Had No Idea I Would Be In This Much Trouble

Just as middle school youth are growing physically, they are also changing intellectually, emotionally, and behaviorally.It is important to remember that a cognitive trait present in most middle school youth is that they are not concerned with the future,...

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Sex Can Be A Daunting Topic

My parents had two methods of teaching me: preparative and reactive. The first was taught to avoid an issue, e.g., “Look both ways before crossing the street.” The latter was taught after an experience...

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