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Close to the Broken Hearted

Jack, a senior, lost the leading role in the fall play to a freshman. Maggie lost her entire friend group who “un-followed” her on SnapChat. Ben lost his 29-year-old cousin to a heroin overdose. Dana spent Saturday at the veterinarian where, at the end of the day, the Vet had to put down her beloved Golden Retriever.

Every day, our teens deal with loss, big and small. “Grief is a fact of life in our nation’s schools; 7 out of 10 teachers have a student currently in their classroom who is grieving, according to research by the New York Life Foundation and the American Federation of Teachers.” No doubt, they are hurting.

And when teens experience loss, parents can usually count on three things:

  • We really want to help.
  • Talking about it WILL help.
  • They aren’t always eager to talk to us.

So what CAN we do to help them through the…

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About the Author

Beth Davis

Beth has ministered to teens and those who love them for many years. After earning both her BS and MS degrees from Indiana University, she worked as a high school English teacher and later as the first youth minister in her home parish, St. Mary in Hudson, Ohio. There, she helped launch Life Teen, now in its 23rd year at St. Mary. Eventually, she traveled all over the country training youth ministers in the Life Teen model for youth ministry and still serves on their national Board of Directors. She is currently the Director of Campus Ministry at Notre Dame – Cathedral Latin School in Chardon, Ohio. She and her husband Deacon Kent have four grown daughters, two sons-in-law, and, as of April, one grandchild.