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Compliment My Soul, Not My Shoes

It’s not bad to have things and to want things (especially if you earn them!). We live in a world where things are coming out faster, better, and way cooler. Of course I want the new iPhone, and let’s be honest, those 3D pens are pretty cool (though I’m not sure I really understand what they do – can I draw a puppy and then suddenly it appears?). Needless to say, the Skip-It and Trivial Pursuit, games that we played when I was a kid, just don’t cut it anymore.

I am constantly talking with the teens I work with about the fact that wanting things does not make them a bad person – but that what they have does not define them, either. We need to be mindful of finding our worth in the things we’ve acquired, rather than in the person we are becoming. To quote a good…

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Kerri Gallen

Kerri Gallen, MSW, LCSW received her Master’s in Social Work from the University of Missouri – St Louis, and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker at Catholic Family Services. She works as a school-based therapist at public, parochial, and charter schools, serving students from pre-school through high school, and has extensive experience working with students who have experienced trauma and toxic stress. Ms. Gallen coordinates the Trauma-Informed Programs at Catholic Family Services. She is an experienced speaker and trainer in the area of trauma and stress-related disorders. Ms. Gallen serves on the Advisory Boards for Foster Grandparents – St. Louis and the St. Louis Regional Health Commission, working closely with the Alive and Well STL Program on community based issues related to stress.