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Evangelization in the Digital Continent

Oh, the wonders and horrors of social media… If you’re not a gen-z’er, you’re probably more likely to consider the horrors before reflecting on its wonders. Social media is killing brain cells, squashing productivity, people don’t know how to be social in real life anymore… all valid thoughts and things even I’ve considered! And I’m a millennial — you know, one of the ones to blame for all the great rise of social media use and development.

Although I’m personally a lover of social media, I too have developed a disdain for its negative effects and often, find myself wishing we could do the impossible — reverse the irreversible damage and ubiquitous existence of social media and go back to those good ol’ days when folks connected in person, cyber-bullying didn’t exist, and humor existed beyond memes and gifs.

That is, until, something magnificent happens. In my line of work, doing…

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Leah Murphy

I love Kanye West and Jesus Christ... not in that order. I like sunflowers, adventures, dancing, and good music that matters. I'm constantly looking for what is true, good, and beautiful in everything around me. I have a deep desire for authenticity in all things and I'm pursuing heaven on a messy little journey that Jesus is making beautiful with new mercies every day.