Faith and Prayer

Fo’ Yo’ Mama

How exactly do you thank your mother for being your mother?

I mean, seriously… this woman carried you in her body for nine months; she endured back-breaking, ankle-swelling discomfort, sleepless nights, weird food cravings, dramatic weight gain, and hormone fluctuations that make pinball machines appear tame.

That’s not even saying a thing, either, about the insanity of delivering you. Believe me, I’ve been in the delivery room multiple times. You could tell your mom ‘thank you’ from here to eternity and it still wouldn’t be enough to communicate the gratitude she deserves for keeping you (in this abortion crazy culture), carrying you, and giving birth to you.

So where does that leave you on Mother’s Day? What’s your plan to celebrate her motherhood?

This year, I wanted to drop some Biblical wisdom that you might want to take to prayer and share with mom for Mother’s Day (or anytime, for that matter).

Here are some…

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Mark Hart

It is very difficult to walk away from a conversation with Mark Hart without a smile on your face. Mark has a genuinely joyful soul and is the creative mind behind a countless number of Life Teen resources. A twenty year veteran of youth ministry, Mark has served Life Teen since most of the staff was still in Elementary School, and currently serves as our Executive Vice President. When he’s not laughing, Mark can rarely get through a conversation without mentioning how amazing and beautiful his wife Melanie is or how his four children are the coolest kids you’ll ever meet. Oh… and he’s also an internationally known speaker and best-selling author, but, you know, that’s just how he spends his “free time.”