Parenting Practicals

For the Sake of Your Child’s Soul

Dear young parent,

I am your child’s future youth minister. Your beautiful elementary school child is not yet in our church youth group, but I am hoping he or she will be one day. You see, I watch you bring your child to Mass on Sundays, and some weeks I see you bring your child to CCD for religious education. I see how happy you both are at church, as you skip down to the classroom holding hands, and talking about family plans for after Mass.

When second grade begins, I see you every Sunday, preparing to receive the Sacrament of the Eucharist at the first Holy Communion celebration of Mass. She will love the beautiful white dress you choose for her, or he will feel so grown up in his suit and tie, and I hope this day will be a special memory in both of your lives, a first…

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About the Author

Patti Deffendall

Patti Deffendall grew up in St. Louis, Mo, mostly in her Catholic school plaid jumper. After graduating from Vanderbilt, and completing an MA at LSU, Patti and her husband, now married 34 years, raised two children. She co-founded a middle school in North Carolina and later returned to Tennessee where she has served as a Youth Director for over a decade. She admits life is a wild ride, the adventure that begins with surrendering one's life to God's will.