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He Had Been Bullied for Nine Years

My oldest son, Robert, has given me the gift of two beautiful granddaughters. He loves to create, like me but has a gift for painting that I do not have. He works in sales in the Houston area and has a great knack for that, just like his father did. What a gift to the family he is!

His teenage years were a little less settled. When we moved back to the United States from living abroad, he started 8th grade at a very large public junior high school. Unfortunately for Robert, Life Teen was not yet established at our parish, and he struggled with making friends.

The next three years were brutal, with bad decisions and wrong friends. It was his sophomore year of high school when it all came to a head. He was sullen and withdrawn, and nothing I said meant anything to him, or so it…

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Kate Mims

Kate Mims is the mom of three boys. She was married for 30 years until in 2015 her husband, Deacon Mike Mims, passed away unexpectedly in a crash. Kate has been volunteering with Life Teen in her parish, Saint Anthony of Padua in The Woodlands Texas for over a decade. She is currently on the Board of Directors for Life Teen International. Kate was blessed to be born a Catholic, but through her husband’s conversion she was able to attend RCIA and later the Seminary with him. During this time she learned to love her faith. She is absolutely certain that what Socrates said about the world is true about her Catholic faith, “The more you learn the less you know.”