Parenting Practicals

Hit the Pause Button

The PAUSE button – every parent should have one.

It’s the button a parent pushes when they hear or see something that concerns them regarding their teen’s relationships, especially their dating relationships. Our parenting style has been to always error on the side of holiness and safety. We don’t want to end up wishing we had said more to our teens in certain situations, and we want our teens to know that we care enough to have difficult conversations with them regarding dating.

There are a lot of things that help us to prepare our teens for dating, but here are some of the key areas of advice that we give to our teens try to help them navigate the waters of dating today.

It all starts with God.

When our teens start dating someone, we want him or her to ask, “Is this relationship leading me closer to God?” We encourage them…

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About the Author

Youth Minister, Communicator, and President / CEO, RANDY RAUS has served Life Teen a movement in the Catholic Church that Leads Teens Closer to Christ since 1995. Today, Life Teen is comprised of three focused areas - Reaching Teens, Restoring Parishes and Reclaiming Culture. Life Teen collectively serves nearly 1.2 Million people in 31 countries weekly in over 1850 Catholic Parishes. International Catholic Speaker to youth and those who serve the young Church, including 4 World Youth Days and Youth Conferences multiple times on 5 Continents, Randy Raus holds an undergraduate degree in Business Administration from the University of Alabama and is a certified Catechist of the Archdiocese of Atlanta, the impact of which is evident in his talks and leadership with Life Teen. Monica Raus is a homemaker who along with Randy has eight amazing children and they live near Atlanta. They have been married for 29 years. Monica has a practical approach to parenting and is a prayer warrior for not only her family but for many!