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How A Trip to the Ice Cream Store Can Help Your Teen With Financial Responsibility

How can a trip to the ice cream store teach a 17-year-old how to get ready for a financially responsible college experience?

Hold onto the Paperwork

Teenagers are impulsive and sometimes move too fast.

Sophmore year of college, I painfully remember that one receipt I lost. It was the first week back to school, and I was rushing to my 8 am Statistics Class. I stopped by the ATM to deposit cash from a summer of golf course shoe shining and car parking. The machine spit out a 3” x 2” slip saying the money was deposited into my Rutgers College Credit Union checking account. I then tossed that receipt onto the dashboard of my 1973 Mercury Capri as my friend, and I drove off laughing about the Credit union building that was in a mobile home on campus and how someone could pull the whole bank building away with a truck.

Later on,…

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Joseph Doman

Joe and Marianne Doman have been blessed by 32 years of marriage and their children Cate, Claire, Drew, Grace, and their son-in law Patrick and now by their grandson Luc. They reside in Hudson, Ohio and serve as Core Members at their home parish. Joe serves clients as a Senior Portfolio Manager at UBS Financial Services, and is a member of the Life Teen Board of Directors. Marianne is a Registered Dietitian in private practice. They are hiking tourist enthusiasts and have made it to the top of Croagh Patrick, completed the Camino de Santiago, and made it to the 7000 ft snow line of Mt. Rainier. Joe also enjoys the occasional German Chocolate Cake with Coconut Pecan frosting while Marianne’s favorite is Crème Brulee or Carrot Cake.