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How To Land A Helicopter

Allow me to start off by saying that there is no magic pill to parenting and that no teenager is the same. As parents of seven children, which include a 13, 15, 18, and 19 year old, we have learned a lot about our marriage and ourselves as we try to help our kids be in the world, but not of the world. There is so much written online on this subject that we run the risk of being just another drop in the ocean.

The common term “helicoptering” comes from the desire for parents to hover so close to their children intervening in tasks that every teenager should attempt or perform on their own. Why do parents do this? Well, there are many reasons and they all start off well focusing on love and care for our child and then turning into overstepping our boundaries. Take it from two…

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About the Author

Steve and Kristy Allgeyer

Steve & Kristy met at the Univ. of Missouri’s Newman Center and their two completely different paths collided. “Steve’s grades went up, Kristy’s went down,” Kristy jokes. Their roller coaster ministry life together started as youth ministers at Incarnate Word Catholic Church in Chesterfield, MO. They have 7 amazing children that keep them busy. Kristy is a fitness instructor & boxing trainer and Steve works as VP of Ministry Advancement for Life Teen, Inc. Their marriage is built on forgiveness and mercy and they love sharing from their experiences. They are no experts in anything, but work hard to share vulnerably to help marriages and families lean into Christ no matter what life brings. Kristy is a cancer survivor and uses her experience to inspire teens & women all over the world. Steve is a self-proclaimed work in progress and uses his humor and honesty to inspire teens & adults throughout his world travels. Four of their seven kids are currently teenagers, so their passion for youth ministry is being challenged everyday…just kidding…not really.