How to Register for Parent Life

Welcome to our new Parent Life Website!

We are excited for you to get started. Registering is easy.

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your access code. If you are a youth minister, this is the same as the username you use to access resources on If you are a parent, ask your youth minister for this information. Please note that access codes are case-sensitive and must be entered in all lowercase.
  3. Fill out the rest of your information in the registration form and choose a username and password.
  4. Login to

Enjoy the website!

Still having trouble? See our commonly asked questions below:

Question: I am a youth minister and my normal username and password aren’t working. 

Answer: Your username and password for is different from your username and password for You will need to create a new login for this website.

Question: Who can use this website?

Answer: Content is available to any parent at a parish that subscribes to Life Teen or Edge. They gain access by receiving the access code from their parish youth minister, DRE, or priest.

Question: Can I buy a single subscription to this website?

Answer: Currently, no. You must be a parent at a parish that subscribes to Life Teen or Edge to receive an access code.

Question: I don’t know my access code. Where do I find it?

Answer: Contact your parish youth minister or the person in charge of Life Teen or Edge. They will provide your parish access code.

Question: They don’t know it, either. 

Answer: You can contact us via our Live Chat on One of our staff will be happy to help get you up to speed.

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I spent most of my 8th grade year in detention because there wasn’t a dare I wouldn’t accept. But in high school, my youth minister dared me to follow Christ and I haven’t looked back. I love all things Wisconsin, especially the Green Bay Packers. I can probably eat more cheese than you. (Please don’t dare me to prove it.) Follow me on Twitter and Instagram at @LT_Jstepanek.