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“I Think I Will Thank My Parents Tonight For That Rule”

I taught Confirmation for over a decade. One of my favorite classes was the class to teach the 4th commandment, honor your father and mother.

I loved it because I would ask the teens their parents worst and best rules and that always got them talking! Let me tell you, over the years; I have heard some doozies! The aim of the class lesson is to let the teenager reason out, on their own, the mental, physical, and spiritual ways parents try to protect and teach them. We don’t just make rules up because we need another rule, but there is one of these three basic harms that we are trying to protect them from.

Of all the years of teaching, one class stands out. It was a lesson about technology. The crazy rule that this student’s parents had, was that every night before he went up to bed he had…

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About the Author

Kate Mims

Kate Mims is the mom of three boys. She was married for 30 years until in 2015 her husband, Deacon Mike Mims, passed away unexpectedly in a crash. Kate has been volunteering with Life Teen in her parish, Saint Anthony of Padua in The Woodlands Texas for over a decade. She is currently on the Board of Directors for Life Teen International. Kate was blessed to be born a Catholic, but through her husband’s conversion she was able to attend RCIA and later the Seminary with him. During this time she learned to love her faith. She is absolutely certain that what Socrates said about the world is true about her Catholic faith, “The more you learn the less you know.”