I see the struggle of confidence in young girls firsthand, especially with my freshman students. They struggle with friends, body image, boys, grades, and so much more. I see them measure themselves based on these standards. We have to take a different approach to battling their lack of confidence than just telling them that these standards do not define who they are.

At the school where I teach, we ask the students taking Freshman Theology to write their own gospel. This exercise asks them to practice many skills, but I believe the most important aspect they learn while writing their gospel is to develop a true relationship with Jesus. Whether they have known Jesus or not, the experience of writing their own creative, fictional story of an encounter with Christ puts them face to face with their Savior.

Before they begin writing their story, they must choose an image of Jesus….

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About the Author

Kate Willey

Theology Teacher, Student Council Moderator, Soccer Coach, and Liturgy Coordinator at Cor Jesu Academy in Saint Louis, Missouri. Kate was born and raised in Saint Louis and when she was in high school she attended St. Clement of Rome Life Teen. When she went to college, she was a Core Team member at St. Clement. Kate went to Saint Louis University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Theology and is also currently working on a Masters of Arts in Theology.