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Judges of Our Adequacy

Peer pressure may be one of the toughest challenges of growing up. Starting in junior high school and continuing into high school, teens start to desire to exert their independence from their parents. As they make moves towards independence, they begin to crave the approval of their peers. Their peers become the judge of their adequacy. And, so, peer pressure begins to engulf every aspect of teenage life whether its pressure to hang out with the right type of people, pressure to cheat or be dishonest, pressure to have the right type of car, pressure to wear the newest fashions, pressure to use drugs, or even pressure to have sex before marriage. Teens feel a great need to be accepted. Their confidence rests on a precipice, ready to fall over with the slightest hint of rejection. When they say, “yes” to peer pressure, the acceptance seems to place them…

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About the Author

Teresa Hilgers

Teresa Hilgers is an Obstetrician and Gynecologist. She is currently completing the St. John Paul the Great Fellowship in Medical and Surgical NaProTechnology at the Pope Paul VI Institute in Omaha, Nebraska.