If someone asks me, “what’s your best advice for marriage, parenting and developing your faith life?” I would give them the same answer for all three…listening. It’s the one thing we can all do better, it doesn’t cost, it doesn’t hurt, and everyone likes it!

Listening is one of the most underrated skills in communication. When we listen, we can really hear what’s on someone’s heart by offering a deep attentiveness to the other person in front of us. As a wife, mom, mother-in-law, and grandma, I’m reminded every day to listen more. Don’t just listen to what’s being said, but listen to what’s not being said. It’s a constant challenge to stop talking and let yourself deeply receive the words of another. If we tell ourselves to move past what we think we know and absorb the other person’s story than we are likely to learn something new. I…

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About the Author

Lesa Keeven

Lesa is a spiritual director and life long learner. She is former teacher and administrator but currently loving her life as a grandma aka Gigi. She believes deeply in the ministry of teaching and the spiritual formation of educators. She can be found designing and leading retreats, facilitating bible studies, doing marriage ministry with her husband or giving spiritual direction. She’s a lover of meeting new people, learning new things, sharing her faith, women’s ministry and spending time with her family. She has three children, one son-in-law and one grandson. Her oldest daughter Abby is married to Jimmy. Her daughter Molly is getting married to Drew in June and her son Drew attends the University of Missouri in Columbia. She loves the mission of Life Teen and serves on their International Board of Directors