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Prom Perfect

I’ll never forget my junior prom. It was one of the most magical nights of my life. I was wearing a beautiful gown, my make-up, hair, and nails were all professionally done. I went with my steady boyfriend and a group of friends. We took pictures, had dinner at a fancy restaurant, and danced and danced and danced. After prom, a bunch of us went over to my boyfriend’s house for snacks and games.

Not once was I asked if I wanted a drink. Not once was I offered some sort of drug. My boyfriend knew where I stood on sex (wasn’t happening). I was pretty popular, and my classmates that were drinking, doing drugs, or having sex were not the cool kids…in fact, they were called losers.

It seems like times have changed a bit … the pressures that our teenagers are facing are tremendous. It’s not the “losers” anymore…

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About the Author

Sarah Gavin

Sarah Gavin is the Coordinator of Middle and High School Youth Ministry in Sturgeon Bay, WI. She also serves as one of the Wisconsin Area Contacts. In her free time, Sarah works at the YMCA as a personal trainer and fitness instructor. Even though she is one of those weirdos who loves running, she loves Jesus even more! He has given Sarah the strength to endure tough times, and has given her a heart of joy.