Saying “I Do” Means Saying “I Don’t”

Some people have a TV in every room of their house… not me. We have one TV, and most of the time, if it is on, it has some children’s movie playing. I do, however, have a stereo, usually with surround sound, in nearly every room in my house (seriously, like every room, including a Bluetooth speaker in the bathroom… because who wants to shower in silence?). Now, setting aside for a moment the fact that I may need to work on a bit of moderation in my life when it comes to music, the reality is that my life, and therefore the life of my entire family, is filled with music (and if you ask my wife, weird music). Music is how I relax after a long day of work; it’s on while I read, while I make dinner, while I write (uh, yeah… I’m listening to music…

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About the Author

Joe Cady

Joe Cady holds degrees in Philosophy and Religious Studies from Arizona State University, as well as a master's degree in Theology from Holy Apostles College and Seminary. He has worked for fifteen years in Catholic parishes in youth ministry, adult faith formation, and sacramental preparation. Joe is currently Director of Adult Catechesis at St. Timothy Catholic Church, adjunct professor of Theology at the University of Mary-Tempe, and instructor at Kino Catechetical Institute. He is the author of Truth Be Told and Faith and Reason(s). Joe and his wife currently live in Tempe, AZ with their seven children.