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In this series, college girls look back on some of their biggest struggles and share stories of things they wish their parents had told them as well as the biggest impact their parents had in times of difficulties. These...

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The Way is the Goal

It is the most wonderful time of the year, and often times the busiest. Don’t let this Advent get away from you with out taking this opportunity to make it radically different. This four part series provides a reflection...

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The Almighty Dollar God

What is your attitude towards money? How do you feel about tithing? Do you struggle with budgeting and spending their money wisely? If you have ever struggled with how to approach money, how to view money, or how to...

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Her Body

How do you approach the topic of female cycles with your teen daughter? How can you help her to understand the way that God made her body? That He made it good and with a specific purpose and intention...

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Warning Signs

It is no understatement that our teens are faced with incredible pressures in their lives. In this series you will find some helpful tips so that you can be aware if your teen is showing any warning signs of...

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The Word

If you’ve ever wanted to go deeper into God’s Word but haven’t known how to approach it, allow me to suggest a few tips (so you can learn from my mistakes). To ensure that you don’t just jump in...

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