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Swimming Upstream Against A Strong Current of Junk

When my kids were preparing to enter high school, I felt a strong and urgent need to protect them by locking them in a closet under the stairs, at least until they were 25. Seriously.

As loving parents, we are watching our kids grow up in a culture of messy ungodliness. Saint John Paul II called it “The Culture of Death.” If you have had any experiences of watching the news, reading the newspaper, or skimming the Internet you know it is full of negative images and content. Young people are absorbing our culture too. However, what we really want for our kids are positive images, and we want to teach them what is beautiful about their lives and the lives of others. As parents, we are swimming upstream against a strong current of junk.

This messy culture is a lot like a dirty river, unclean, unclear, and difficult to navigate….

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About the Author

Patti Deffendall

Patti Deffendall grew up in St. Louis, Mo, mostly in her Catholic school plaid jumper. After graduating from Vanderbilt, and completing an MA at LSU, Patti and her husband, now married 34 years, raised two children. She co-founded a middle school in North Carolina and later returned to Tennessee where she has served as a Youth Director for over a decade. She admits life is a wild ride, the adventure that begins with surrendering one's life to God's will.