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Helping Teens Overcome Boredom During COVID-19

Schools are closed, restaurants are serving carry-out only. Movie theaters, ice rinks, bowling alleys, and even parks are closed. There is no public Mass being held. Weddings and funerals are on hold. We all have to stay at least...

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Teen Culture During COVID-19

To update you on the latest in memes, fashion trends, gen-z celebrity drama, and social causes that your teens are most interested in would seem wildly tone-deaf to the circumstances we’re all confronting as March comes to a close...

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Staying Connected to the Church During COVID-19

We are in the midst of a unique time in our world and in our Church. Our lives have all been upended and there is much that is being asked of parents everywhere. While your busy schedules of pick-ups,...

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As The World Is Shutting Down, What Can We Do Today?

I thought it was going to just be a regular weekend trip to the grocery store, but I was wrong. The store was packed, people were panicked, shelves were emptied out, and no one smiled or made eye contact....

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