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How are Social Media Influencers Affecting Your Teens?

It’s no secret that social media is a powerful place, today. Social media platforms are constantly saturated with loads of information ranging from breaking news all the way to the latest makeup tutorial. As a result, brands and businesses...

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Billie Eilish: The Queen of Gen Z

A young queen. An overnight sensation. An anti-pop genius. All of these titles describe pop star Billie Eilish. Maybe you’ve heard of her? She is one of the biggest names in current music and celebrity culture, and will probably...

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Why We Can’t Look Away: the Content On YouTube

In my previous blog, I unpacked some of the addictive nature of YouTube and how it, as a platform, has been designed to command people’s attention and keep them using the platform. There’s another layer to the world of...

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The Rise of “OK Boomer” and How to Break the Generational Gap

The slogan “OK Boomer” is making a rise among Generation Z. Whether it is on the front of shirts and sweatshirts, in songs, or being used as a hashtag, Generation Z is making their voice heard while mocking the...

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Gen Z Teens Are More Religious Than They Think

Massive crowds. Horrifying humidity. Unforgettable connections. Those are the three phrases I would use to describe the experience of World Youth Day (WYD) in a nutshell. Probably not the typical pilgrim’s response, but it’s my honest one. In spite...

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