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Why Instagram is Hiding Likes

As more and more research unveils the alarmingly detrimental effects of social media and the mental health of young people, Instagram recently made waves with an important announcement. In an effort to combat the feelings of anxiety or inadequacy...

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Fluidity is Changing Our World (and Your Teen)

Forget Cinderella and think Moana. Less Beyoncé and more Solange. Leave Coachella behind and embrace Camp Flog Gnaw. Ditch your Levi’s for Universal Standard, Forever 21 for Fashion Nova. Replace Jay-Z with Tyler, the Creator; Sixteen Candles with Love,...

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Teaching Masculinity in the Midst of Fluidity

The phrase “back in my day” used to be almost exclusively said by a grandmother to their grandchild, with 60 or so years separating their birthdays. However, in 2019, cultural norms are shifting so rapidly that someone born 10...

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