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Rediscover The Stations of the Cross this Lent

Outside of Christmas, Lent is perhaps one of the most well-known seasons in the Church. It kicks off with “Fat Tuesday” and is followed by Ash Wednesday, otherwise known as “the day where everyone stares at you and wonders...

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Into the Desert: Resources for Lent

Ashes, fasting, praying, Stations of the Cross, no meat on Fridays, parish fish fries, Passion plays, communal penance services… there are SO many things going on during the season of Lent to help us enter into this time of...

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Unplug… and Plugin: Connecting as a Family During Lent

Let’s face it, like it or not, technology is woven into the very fabric of our everyday lives. Whether it is apps and games on our phones, social media, streaming services, or a smart speaker – our kids are...

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Why Do Catholics Abstain From Meat On Fridays During Lent?

Picture it: You’re in a hurry. You’re focused on school or work or family or friends, where there are a thousand things going on. You stop real quick to eat in the middle of the day. Halfway through the...

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Why Do Catholics Put Ashes On Our Heads On Ash Wednesday?

“Excuse me, you’ve got some dirt on your head.” Ash Wednesday is just around the corner and every year someone says that to me on Ash Wednesday. Maybe it has happened to you too. In the past it used...

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