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BTS and the K-Pop Phenomena

“Are those girls?”  “Do you even understand what they are saying?”  “They all look the same!”  “Oh my gosh, like North Korea?”   As a K-pop fan of 10+ years, these questions used to absolutely infuriate and discourage me. My...

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Lil Nas X and the Influencer Culture

Let’s get something out of the way really quick: pop culture can be … weird. Really weird. Extra weird. But pop culture is just that, popular. And chances are that your teen engages in pop culture in some form...

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Teen Culture Update: Celebrity Drama, Old Town Road, and Learning to be Pro-Life

It’s been a wild spring for teens and summer has made its grand entrance. As I write this blog, the highly anticipated Aladdin remake has already had a successful first weekend (one of a few major summer blockbusters), Miley...

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