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Teen Culture Update: November 2019

Disney+, detachment from technology, and meme culture are just a few of the things dominating teen culture this month. Now that Thanksgiving has ended and Christmas is just around the corner — not to mention a new year and...

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The Rise of “OK Boomer” and How to Break the Generational Gap

The slogan “OK Boomer” is making a rise among Generation Z. Whether it is on the front of shirts and sweatshirts, in songs, or being used as a hashtag, Generation Z is making their voice heard while mocking the...

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Unplug… and Plugin: Connecting as a Family During Lent

Let’s face it, like it or not, technology is woven into the very fabric of our everyday lives. Whether it is apps and games on our phones, social media, streaming services, or a smart speaker – our kids are...

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The Battle is Real: Resources to Combat Pornography

Looking at the statistics of pornography use can be horrifying, especially when you are a parent. I was recently working on an Edge Night for middle school youth and their parents that discussed the issue of pornography. I could...

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