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What Are Your Teens Watching?

We are all spending a lot more time indoors, and with school and all other activities canceled until further notice, it is no secret that many young people are turning to screens to fill the void. While it is...

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Teen Culture Update: November 2019

Disney+, detachment from technology, and meme culture are just a few of the things dominating teen culture this month. Now that Thanksgiving has ended and Christmas is just around the corner — not to mention a new year and...

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Teen Culture Update: July 2019

Summer days are coming to a swift end for many teens and, while they make the most of these last few days of freedom from school, they’re spending their time consuming and critiquing mass amounts of popular culture that...

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A Look at the Top Netflix Teen Drama Riverdale

Two seasons down and a third one currently airing, Riverdale has become a top Netflix teen drama. Following the thrilling adventures of the teens at Riverdale High after the murder of a fellow student, the Archie comics you knew...

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