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Modern Women for Young Women to Look Up To

She had glorious red hair, the coolest friends, was not afraid of adventures, and most importantly, she had the most beautiful voice. I was captivated. As soon as I saw Ariel on the TV screen, I wanted to be...

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Reshaping the Purity Conversation

Nothing says Valentine’s Day like a blog about purity culture, am I right?  Most people probably would rather stick to the happy, butterfly-inducing feelings that are more often associated with this lovey-dovey holiday, but I am not most people....

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Raising Authentic Women

Are you a rule follower through and through? Do you love to live in the black and white of life? Do you desperately avoid the messiness of the gray, wanting to define things, put them in a clean box,...

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Life Teen Resource Roundup: Books Your High School Teen Should Be Reading

Youth group is great and Mass is a must, but have you ever wondered how you can help your high school teen grow spiritually outside of the walls of the church? Well, Life Teen has plenty of resources that...

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