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Thankful Past Thanksgiving

I am probably the last person to claim to have even a sliver of authority on the subject of Thanksgiving.

Growing up as a child of immigrants, Thanksgiving was just one of those traditions we didn’t fully embrace. As a kid, I loved the fact that we got an entire week off of school — but my family took that opportunity to road trip to Mexico to visit our extended family. Our Thanksgiving dinner usually consisted of street tacos, elotes callejeros (street corn), or a delicious dish one of my abuelitas would make.

As we got older and had less time off, we made a few attempts to get into the spirit of Thanksgiving. My mom made a full-on dinner — complete with turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and gravy — only to discover that we…

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About the Author

Stephanie Espinoza

Stephanie started ministering to teens when she was just a teen herself. When her community at her parish growing up lacked a youth ministry effort that addressed the needs of Hispanic teens, she and her siblings and friends started their own. After years of volunteering her time as a teen, the Lord led her to study the New Evangelization at John Paul the Great Catholic University and to work in ministry at the very parish where she grew up. Today, she happily serves as the Coordinator of Hispanic Ministry Resources and Outreach for Life Teen, enjoys getting lost in a good book, appreciates the art of curating the perfect music playlist, and is learning to uncover the underrated perks of desert life.