Faith and Prayer

The Day I Told Someone Getting Drunk Doesn’t Honor St. Patrick

You never know who God is going to bring into your life. This past week I had an amazing experience of God while waiting for my dinner.

“Iced tea, please.” I requested with a genuine tone.

“You guys goin’ to get ripped on St. Paddy’s Day?” the waiter asked me (and my friends).

“I’m sorry?” I asked a little confused and more than a little intrigued.

“You know, are you guys gonna get lit up to celebrate St. Patrick’s day this week?” he asked again, (obviously assuming that because we were young adults that binge drinking and public drunkenness must be our favorite past time).

“Um… no.” I replied with a stern and disapproving but gentle, non-judgmental tone.

“Why not, are you guys like recovering alcoholics or something?” he pushed, searching for an answer as to why we would not choose to inebriate ourselves on the altar of public opinion or conformity.

“What’s your name?” I…

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Mark Hart

It is very difficult to walk away from a conversation with Mark Hart without a smile on your face. Mark has a genuinely joyful soul and is the creative mind behind a countless number of Life Teen resources. A twenty year veteran of youth ministry, Mark has served Life Teen since most of the staff was still in Elementary School, and currently serves as our Executive Vice President. When he’s not laughing, Mark can rarely get through a conversation without mentioning how amazing and beautiful his wife Melanie is or how his four children are the coolest kids you’ll ever meet. Oh… and he’s also an internationally known speaker and best-selling author, but, you know, that’s just how he spends his “free time.”