Faith and Prayer

The Essential Nature of Prayer

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What is it about prayer that makes it seem so daunting? I have taken on large projects that take either a lot of physical energy, emotional energy or both, with more excitement and commitment than I have given my prayer life at times. Maybe it’s the unending nature of our need to pray that adds to this feeling. Knowing that having a healthy, consistent prayer life is something we must do every day to succeed in our goal to reach heaven can be overwhelming. However, no matter how overwhelming it may seem it is essential for us to pray especially as parents.

There are 100 different ways to reflect on how important prayer is for a parent. So where do we start? While it is immensely important to pray for our children, it is equally if not more important to make sure we also pray for ourselves. Why? In 2004,…

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About the Author

Jeremy Remiger

I am a cradle St. Louisan and a cradle Catholic. I have been married to my wife April Ann for 12 years and am a father to two wonderful children Aidan and Nora. I recently completed certification in Youth Ministry Studies through the Center for Ministry Development. I am in my 5th year as the Campus Minister at St. John Vianney High School, an all-boys Catholic Marianist school in the suburbs of St. Louis. I was a Core Team Member at my local parish and former part-time music and youth minister. I love being Catholic and passing on the faith to the young church. You can find me on Twitter at @JPatrickRemiger