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The Rosary (Part II)

When it comes to the rosary, there is so much goodness, so much grace, and so much that can be said! Last post I gave a very brief history of the rosary, as well as some examples of the power this sacramental has within our world. I intended to show readers that from the time of its origins, the rosary has been a true “grenade of grace,” releasing heavenly blessings into the lives of anyone who prays this devotion faithfully and fervently. In fact, Our Lady has promised that those who pray the rosary with a specific intention will obtain everything they ask for. If this wasn’t reason enough to develop the habit, there are also many other benefits to praying the rosary.

Reasons to Recite the Rosary

In addition to directing St. Dominic and Blessed Alan de la Roche to preach the rosary, Mary revealed 15 promises to those…

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