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Three Ways to Engage with Modern Culture

As Christians, we are often encouraged to live in the world but not of the world. But with a culture inundated with some negative, less-than-desirable media, it can feel discouraging to dig through and find the positive things worth engaging with.

At one of our Love Good events this spring, two of our patrons (people can subscribe to Love Good’s seasonal packages of music, books, and art) shared their struggle to find media for their family that is wholesome but also inspiring and transformative. They explained that we often feel like we only have two choices:

  1. Allow our kids to be entirely overcome by modern media because they’re going to engage with it anyway.
  2. Reject everything the secular world offers, and limit their worldview with a small offering of media deemed unable to hurt them.

“There is a third way,” they said, “and that’s what we choose for our…

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