Underwear and Other Petty Things

It was well into about our 5th year of marriage when I started to really tire of picking up Mike’s underwear. Everyday. Why couldn’t he just bend down and pick it up? He was a grown man and my boys were now starting to see and emulate him.

Why is it that the smallest things like underwear, toothpaste caps, toilet paper rolls, and the phrase “I don’t care, what do you want to do” that make us mad, like crazy mad? They aren’t big enough to really fight about because then you would just be petty. But, then, they add up and all of a sudden you are screaming at each other about, well petty stuff.

It was a fateful life-changing day when I whined to my friend about this simple thing, the underwear. Why can’t he do this little thing for me? She replied in what I am sure to…

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About the Author

Kate Mims

Kate Mims is the mom of three boys. She was married for 30 years until in 2015 her husband, Deacon Mike Mims, passed away unexpectedly in a crash. Kate has been volunteering with Life Teen in her parish, Saint Anthony of Padua in The Woodlands Texas for over a decade. She is currently on the Board of Directors for Life Teen International. Kate was blessed to be born a Catholic, but through her husband’s conversion she was able to attend RCIA and later the Seminary with him. During this time she learned to love her faith. She is absolutely certain that what Socrates said about the world is true about her Catholic faith, “The more you learn the less you know.”