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Why Do Catholics Have the Crucifix and Not “Just” the Cross?

Here’s a riddle: “What has to happen before Easter Sunday?”

(If you replied “color eggs” go to the back of the room. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200).

Before we can get to the glory of the Resurrection (Easter), we have to go through the suffering of the crucifixion (Good Friday). You can’t get the rose without the thorns.

As Catholics we display, wear and process with a crucifix and not “just” a cross. We don’t “keep the body on the cross” out of a morbid desire to depress people. The Church has not forgotten the truth and glory of the Resurrection. There is no secret plot at play, no short term memory that wants to somehow “keep Jesus on the cross or in the tomb.” No, Catholics raise high the crucifix because we want to proclaim the bigger picture of salvation. Suffering is a beautiful and necessary part of…

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