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#Friendsgiving: How to Help Your Teen Build Authentic Community

Making friends and creating space for them to grow can be challenging. When we are little, it is easy to run up to someone on the playground for the first time and be best friends by the end of...

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I’ve Seen the Radical Changes This Program Makes: A Mom’s Perspective on Life Teen

The following is an interview between one of our Life Teen Staff members and the mom of a teen who shares her unique perspective on the impact that Life Teen has had on her daughter and on their family....

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Respondiendo a las Inquietudes de los Jóvenes

¡No sé qué hacer con mi hijo/hija! ¡Ya no me escucha! Mejor dile tú, a ti si te va a escuchar y te va a creer. Estas frases las escucho una y otra vez en mi trabajo y en...

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Evangelization in the Digital Continent

Oh, the wonders and horrors of social media… If you’re not a gen-z’er, you’re probably more likely to consider the horrors before reflecting on its wonders. Social media is killing brain cells, squashing productivity, people don’t know how to...

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