Embrace Forgiveness

My wife is 100% German. And sometimes when I do something stupid that hurts her feelings, by accident or on purpose, she sometimes says (with a very thick German accent – try it!), “I vill make you pay for vut you haff done to me!” But after a while…she always forgives me. Peter asked Jesus, “How many times should we forgive…seven times?” If we read between the lines, we see that Peter thinks seven times is pretty generous. Do you think it’s generous? Would you forgive your spouse seven times for the same offense? Jesus more or less blows it out of the water when He tells Peter, “Not seven…but 77 times.”

Forgiveness is always tough, and God is not surprised you won’t, or can’t, or don’t want to forgive. He knows that out of pain, you’d like to point at the offender and say, “Hey God…what about them,…

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About the Author

Deacon Dan Powers

Deacon Dan Powers is assigned to Holy Spirit Parish in Las Vegas, Nevada. He is a retired Army Sergeant Major, as well as a retired clinical family therapist, and former Clinical Member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. He is married to Ninga, a retired Social Worker. They survived raising two teenagers who are now adults, and have three grandchildren.