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The One Book Your Teen Needs This Advent

As a Resource Project Manager for Life Teen, I have had the opportunity to manage some incredible book projects. From “100 Saints Every Catholic Teen Should Know” to “Inspired: A Bible Companion for Teens” to “XY,” each book I...

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A Manger and A Cross

I saw a picture several years ago during the Christmas season that remains with me still. It was a picture of the manger scene, but looming over it was the shadow of a cross. In the midst of all...

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Enter In: Resources for Advent

This Sunday is the first Sunday of Advent and, if you are in the same boat as me, you are probably in disbelief that we are already on the verge of December. How does time always seem to move...

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What Is Advent?

Hide-an-seek was my favorite game growing up. The strategy of securing the perfect hiding place, the frantic scurry to hide, the thrill of the count, holding my breath as I heard the seeker getting closer … it was almost...

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