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A Case for Male/Female Friendships

True story: I was too scared to hug my guy friends in middle school.  I can only imagine that this was a subconscious result of my sweet mama’s cautioning about boys throughout my life. I liked my friends and...

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Social Media Basics: Snapchat

If you’ve seen a picture of a teenager with the features of a cartoon dog superimposed on his or her face, then you’ve seen a Snap. In 2011, a new app hit the social media scene called Snapchat, promising...

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Four Holy Friends Your Teens Need

It is not an easy time to be a teenager. Teens today are facing temptations and attacks that even their Millennial siblings never had to worry about. And with every new dire report blasting terrifying numbers about suicide or...

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Thankful Past Thanksgiving

I am probably the last person to claim to have even a sliver of authority on the subject of Thanksgiving. Growing up as a child of immigrants, Thanksgiving was just one of those traditions we didn’t fully embrace. As...

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