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Why We Can’t Look Away: the Content On YouTube

In my previous blog, I unpacked some of the addictive nature of YouTube and how it, as a platform, has been designed to command people’s attention and keep them using the platform. There’s another layer to the world of...

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Life Teen Resource Roundup: Books Your High School Teen Should Be Reading

Youth group is great and Mass is a must, but have you ever wondered how you can help your high school teen grow spiritually outside of the walls of the church? Well, Life Teen has plenty of resources that...

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I’ve Seen the Radical Changes This Program Makes: A Mom’s Perspective on Life Teen

The following is an interview between one of our Life Teen Staff members and the mom of a teen who shares her unique perspective on the impact that Life Teen has had on her daughter and on their family....

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Three Tips to Help Your Teen After A Summer Conference

It’s almost time for school… the hot summer days are coming to an end. That also means the end of the conference season for youth ministers and youth ministry programs across the country. From Steubenville Conferences to the Life...

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