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A Manger and A Cross

I saw a picture several years ago during the Christmas season that remains with me still. It was a picture of the manger scene, but looming over it was the shadow of a cross. In the midst of all...

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Created To Worship

There is something incredible about watching a creative person work. I was walking in downtown Madison, WI and passed a crowd of people. I was curious, so I stopped to see what everyone was interested in. There was a...

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How to Register for Parent Life

Welcome to our new Parent Life Website! We are excited for you to get started. Registering is easy. Go to Enter your access code. If you are a youth minister, this is the same as the username you use...

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Our God makes the dead rise. It isn’t an abstract thought or concept. It isn’t a philosophical metaphor. There are certain scripture passages that strike me (1 KGS 17:17-24, GAL 1:11-19, LK 7:11-17) because they center around one of...

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Sex Can Be A Daunting Topic

My parents had two methods of teaching me: preparative and reactive. The first was taught to avoid an issue, e.g., “Look both ways before crossing the street.” The latter was taught after an experience...

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Marriage Impossible

Many of you may recall like I have where I was when I heard the news a few years back. As I mindlessly scrolled through a sea of ‘tweets,’ I saw something that made me gasp. Tom Cruise and...

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