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What’s In A Meme?

In a meeting with a small group of teens at the end of 2019, I asked about memes, expecting to get brought up to speed on those all-too-relatable images floating around the internet. So, I was a little caught...

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Billie Eilish: The Queen of Gen Z

A young queen. An overnight sensation. An anti-pop genius. All of these titles describe pop star Billie Eilish. Maybe you’ve heard of her? She is one of the biggest names in current music and celebrity culture, and will probably...

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Reshaping the Purity Conversation

Nothing says Valentine’s Day like a blog about purity culture, am I right?  Most people probably would rather stick to the happy, butterfly-inducing feelings that are more often associated with this lovey-dovey holiday, but I am not most people....

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The Evolution of Harry Styles: From Boy Band to Boundary Breaker

Harry Styles is having a moment. Well, more like a decade.  From his days debuting with the boy band One Direction to his current endeavors as a one-man pop star, Harry Styles has spent the last ten years making...

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Gen Z Teens Are More Religious Than They Think

Massive crowds. Horrifying humidity. Unforgettable connections. Those are the three phrases I would use to describe the experience of World Youth Day (WYD) in a nutshell. Probably not the typical pilgrim’s response, but it’s my honest one. In spite...

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