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Teen Culture Update: November 2019

Disney+, detachment from technology, and meme culture are just a few of the things dominating teen culture this month. Now that Thanksgiving has ended and Christmas is just around the corner — not to mention a new year and...

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Let’s Talk About El Paso

Many of us are still feeling the weight of what took place in El Paso on August 2nd. I know I’m still stuck on this cycle: anger, heartbreak, disbelief, numbness, more anger, repeat. It hasn’t been easy. By now,...

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The #NeverAgain Movement and Why it Still Deserves our Attention

Every generation in America has championed its own charismatic leader of change. For my grandparents, it was Martin Luther King, Jr. — larger than life, pleading for equality, and poetically campaigning for unity. For my parents, it was the...

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