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The #NeverAgain Movement and Why it Still Deserves our Attention

El Movimiento #NeverAgain y Por Qué Aún Merece Nuestra Atención

Every generation in America has championed its own charismatic leader of change. For my grandparents, it was Martin Luther King, Jr. — larger than life, pleading for equality, and poetically campaigning for unity. For my parents, it was the voices of the American masses, sick of unjustified war and laws that went against the (somewhat skewed, but nonetheless impassioned) morals of their “free love” era. Their collective chants moved many laws (for better and worse) and changed not only the canvas of society but its very beating heart.

For my generation and those to come after, our charismatic leaders of change look a bit different. They are younger, have less education, and stand on a less “traditional” platform. Yet, they cry out for the same social change, the same equality, the same lasting peace that generations before them have tried but failed to achieve. Perhaps these teens’ voices are the…

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Rachel Penate

Rachel Peñate graduated from Franciscan University of Steubenville in 2012 with a degree in Education. After graduation, Rachel taught High School English and History and now serves as the Assistant to the Executive Vice President of Life Teen. Although Rachel will tell you, first and foremost, she is a Wisconsin girl at heart, she loves living in the beautiful desert and, even more, serving the Lord through this beautiful movement. In her downtime, Rachel loves writing, reading, running, cheering on the Green Bay Packers, and spending time with her sweet family. You can follow her on Instagram @r_penate and Twitter @LT_rachelp.