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Who Do Your Teens Follow?

What does it mean to follow someone on social media?

In social media, a follow represents a user who chooses to see all of another user’s posts in their content feed. Getting followers is a primary objective for online businesses . A follow expresses interest in receiving constant updates, indicating a higher level of engagement (than “likes”, for example) with followers.

Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Tumblr follows work differently than Facebook. On these platforms, any user can follow any other user. On Facebook, you automatically follow people you have friended. If you “like” a page, following that page is automatic. Many celebrities allow everybody to follow them.

Who are some of the top celebrities that teens follow?

For the most part, teens follow people they know first. Then, they follow popular athletes, actors who star in their favorite movies, and singers and musicians who play their favorite songs. Here…

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Beth Davis

Beth has ministered to teens and those who love them for many years. After earning both her BS and MS degrees from Indiana University, she worked as a high school English teacher and later as the first youth minister in her home parish, St. Mary in Hudson, Ohio. There, she helped launch Life Teen, now in its 23rd year at St. Mary. Eventually, she traveled all over the country training youth ministers in the Life Teen model for youth ministry and still serves on their national Board of Directors. She is currently the Director of Campus Ministry at Notre Dame – Cathedral Latin School in Chardon, Ohio. She and her husband Deacon Kent have four grown daughters, two sons-in-law, and, as of April, one grandchild.