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Social Media Basics: Instagram Stories

Conceptos Básicos de las Redes Sociales: Instagram Stories

“Wait, say that again!” you might overhear, as your son or daughter pulls their phone out to capture something funny, clever, or embarrassing thing that you, your spouse, or one of their siblings or friends just said, that they plan to share to their Instagram (IG) story.

Instagram story is arguably where teens are most prolifically sharing on social media these days for a number of reasons. If your teens have a smartphone, chances are they’re participating in IG stories to some extent and, while not all bad, it’s important to be tuned into precisely what’s going on there. In order to best understand this platform and your teens’ use of it, let’s take a look at its history, features, and the “why” behind teens’ use of it.

Snap Stories… but Better

Snapchat is where users can send expiring pics or vids directly to friends, but could also share expiring stories…

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