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Rediscover The Stations of the Cross this Lent

Outside of Christmas, Lent is perhaps one of the most well-known seasons in the Church. It kicks off with “Fat Tuesday” and is followed by Ash Wednesday, otherwise known as “the day where everyone stares at you and wonders...

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Getting Honest With Your Teen About Suffering

Omnibenevolent. It looks like one of those complicated National Spelling Bee words, but all it really means is all-good. What could possibly fit this description? Surely no one and nothing in the non-fiction realm. Maybe Mister Rogers. End of...

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Four Holy Friends Your Teens Need

It is not an easy time to be a teenager. Teens today are facing temptations and attacks that even their Millennial siblings never had to worry about. And with every new dire report blasting terrifying numbers about suicide or...

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Making Sense of Terror with Your Teen

We’ve reached a point where we can’t remember a time without constant news reports of mass violence or acts of terror. Even if we can step back and recognize that there are more days without them than with them,...

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